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Welcome to Mini crane Hire UK

Mini Crane Hire UkFinally, a crane that can carry lifts out in places you wouldn’t dream possible. Our compact cranes are so slender that they can fit through standard doorways and are so advanced that our mini crawler crane range delivers up to 4 tons of lifting power – all this while maintaining excellent manoeuvrability.

At Mini Crane UK, our mini range of cranes is the most flexible range of cranes on the market with its pentagonal boom, and super slim profile. The motor options that we supply include diesel and electric versions to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

There are four types of cranes in our range of the mini crawlers, starting with the incredibly compact MC174 moving through to the advanced MC405. Each of these cranes delivers a unique and excellently balanced design providing exquisite workability and manoeuvrability.

Over and over again, these incredible compact cranes are proving that they are worthy of their place in the current market. Due to the capacity and reach of these cranes being equivalent to much larger cranes, they can be used for a multitude of works, from interior to exterior works.

Our cranes are used on restoration projects, for specialist glass lifting and glass handling, steel frame assembly, works on listed buildings, tight or restricted area projects, domestic projects and many more construction and other industry projects (industrial, environmental, residential, refurbishment and so on).

We offer a wide variety of below the hook accessories such as Vacuum Lifters for glass handling, cladding, and curtain walling. We also supply Spreader Beams, searcher hooks, fly jibs and remotes for remote control operation of the crane.

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Mini Cranes
MC285 CRM(E)
MC305-2 CRM(E)
MC405 CRM(E)

K 20-30 TS The Versatile Trailer Crane
Valla Pick & Carry
SLK Glass Max Floor Crane
Glass-Boy Floor Crane
LC785M-8B Crane
Glass Vacuum Lifters
MT2HV11DC Manual Tilter 300 Channel
Lifters P111
Oktopus GLR300/600
Oktopus GLK800
Oktopus GLK1250
MRT6-DC Lifters
MRT4-DC Lifters
Oktopus GGA-EK600 B24
Oktopus GL-CC777300
Glazing Robots
Out Door 380 Glazing Robot
Maxi 580 Glazing Robot
Geko - MRT

Additional Accessories
Access Attachment
Block Levers / Glazing Shovels
Hand Cups 
Suction Lifter With Priming Pump
Veribor Aluminium Suction Lifter
VERIBOR blue line pump-activated
VERIBOR Narrow Pump Activated
VERIBOR 2 Cup Suction Lifter
VERIBOR 3 cup suction lifter
2 cup suction lifter Lengthwise
2 cup suction lifter with Gauge
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