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Mini Crane Training UK

crane hire ukMini Crane UK provides an accredited training centre for Mini Cranes, Vacuum Lifters, Lifting Personnel, Smartlifts and Floor Cranes / Counterbalance Floor Cranes. The training courses we offer vary in duration. Certain courses last 2 days; some are 1-3 days, and others last 1-4 days.

We take our training division very seriously and due to this, have developed excellent on-site training facilities at our Knowsley depot.

As well as offering on-site training facilities at our Knowsley depot, we cover training nationwide to provide our customers with the upmost convenience.


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Mini Cranes
MC285 CRM(E)
MC305-2 CRM(E)
MC405 CRM(E)

K 20-30 TS The Versatile Trailer Crane
Valla Pick & Carry
SLK Glass Max Floor Crane
Glass-Boy Floor Crane
LC785M-8B Crane
Glass Vacuum Lifters
MT2HV11DC Manual Tilter 300 Channel
Lifters P111
Oktopus GLR300/600
Oktopus GLK800
Oktopus GLK1250
MRT6-DC Lifters
MRT4-DC Lifters
Oktopus GGA-EK600 B24
Oktopus GL-CC777300
Glazing Robots
Out Door 380 Glazing Robot
Maxi 580 Glazing Robot
Geko - MRT

Additional Accessories
Access Attachment
Block Levers / Glazing Shovels
Hand Cups 
Suction Lifter With Priming Pump
Veribor Aluminium Suction Lifter
VERIBOR blue line pump-activated
VERIBOR Narrow Pump Activated
VERIBOR 2 Cup Suction Lifter
VERIBOR 3 cup suction lifter
2 cup suction lifter Lengthwise
2 cup suction lifter with Gauge
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Telephone: 0844 770 6774